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TTAHP Chapter 4 ~ A rough escape - I -

Hey guys!

I know, it's been ages since my last update - I am sorry! I actually had this chapter ready more than a month ago, but then, I accidentally DELETED it >.< gosh - it's soo exhausting to write a chapter completely anew - especially if you were so happy with the chapter in the first place.
Well, however - I know finally managed it! This chapter is a very essential one and trust me: I am trying really hard to make it more authentic. Luckily, I'm playing Final Fantasy atm anyway, thus I am into it ^_~
Anyway, in this chapter, I especially tried to point out a bit more of Zidane's personality and also to include more realistic actions from the characters. I'm pretty sure there are grammar mistakes in it as always - so please tell me if you find any and I can correct them! But I expect my style has improved..?
About the content: We finally reached a stage in which I can transform my "Dark Princess" into the Dagger from the game - some of you told me she was creepy in the first chapters and yes, I know that! But I wanted to spice things up a bit and giving the princess a more hurt feel.
I also tried to give some "hints" concerning the further chapters (and those of you who played FFIX already might figure most of them out) so keep in mind that in every chapter, there are essential informations - otherwise I wouldn't have the need to write them ;D
I honestly don't have to say much atm - I guess most of my chapters are going to be quite self-explanatory. ^_~
As always, please review my chapters, share them and simply help me being a "big deal" ;D

Much Love, Ruska

P.S. Yes, I know, this chapter is called "A rough escape - I -" - for my next chapter, the title is as well suitable and I just though making things easier for me this way.
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TTAHP Chapter 3 ~ Dagger

Hey guys!

I know, it's been AGES since my last update - I'm sorry -sniffs- But HEY, I'm back and that's something we should be happy about, right?
So yeah. It wasn't like I've been blocked on this fanfiction or chapter... It was more that I simply "ignored" the storyline I usually wanted to create and thus, I spend loads and loads of time thinking how to fix this and how to get back on my former idea. But today, I made my mind up and came to a good solution, that's why I finally managed and dared to upload this chapter.
I don't want to sound like a show-off, but I seriously think I did a good job on this chapter. I tried to keep it close to the Final Fantasy IX reality, tried to give Dagger more of her innocence (and she lost a lot due to being prostitute) but I think that the second half of the chapter (or last third, lol) actually pulls her character, as well as Zidane's, off in a good way. Originally, I wanted to cut the chapter when Baku says he fears they're in big trouble, but somehow, I didn't want to (I basically find it hard to get good ideas for new chapter titles) and since the after events still represent Dagger good, I decided to keep that part under the title "Dagger" as well.
So yeah, what else can I say about this chapter? I had a lot of fun writing this (I'm going to take a break for today though and play FFIX instead ;D) and I tried a lot in making the athmosphere more real. Do you think I did good at this? I hope so : ) I also tried to throw in several hints / opportunities in this chapter that can and WILL influence the further chapters, so be aware ; )
Many thanks to two good friensd of mine: Kendrew and Sina, who coincidentally reminded me at the same time to get some writing done - without them, I wouldn't be uploading right now.
Anyways, I hope you enjoy this slightly more detailed insight in my chapter and I shall speak to you soon!

Much Love, Ruska

P.S. Please don't forget to tell me if you like this idea with using my blog as a place to write the "author's note", and also, please give reviews on since I eally appreciate them! : )
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Pinky Promise

Hey guys!

Woooaah, can you believe it? Two full videos within these few days? Holy crap, but this song was just soo beautiful (plus, not that hard to edit with to be honest :/) and being motivated to dedicate this to my boyfriend, I couldn't stop editing on it today :'D I started this project on thursday evening but only made the little intro thingy, then on friday, I made just a little further so I ended up having about 20% percent of the video done. And today, I started on 1pm I guess and I JUST COULDN'T STOP! I first wanted to make roughly 20% again as a goal so it wouldn't take forever for this one, but once I got this additional 20%, I was so much into editing, the song and my love that I couldn't stop. Hehehe. But no big hopes guys, there is no song yet that is as addicting and touching as this, so I guess not that much of full videos in the near future. But hey, two in two days should be quite awesome, right? Right?!
Actually, I'm writing it while it's rendering (already 1:45h and still needs 15 mins or so >.<) so it's possible I have to render it once again if I find any mistakes (which I eventually will - I mean, 4minutes without any mistakes at the first try? No way!) but still, since it's taking that much time, I though about writing the entry now.

So yeah, this is dedicated to my boyfriend. ♥ It's not like we would live very far apart, but for me, every single second counts, and thus, having not seen him since tuesday, I'm missing him a lot (get to see him on tuesday though possibly - just on a side note x'D) and this is actually what came out.
It could be that the first half doesn't make much sense - I just followed the lyrics and my hearts. However, after the first chorus, I somehow followed kind of a story, which basically is: Yuna and Tidus are separated and Yuna, in her sorrow, sings about how much she misses him. At the end of the video, they finally can see each other again and will stay together until forever. The End.
Okay... Maybe not that much of a story, but still - I didn't want to ruin my feelings with an up-made story.
Now, to come to the clips, effects, etc...
The coloring is as always (somehow, I come to like it x'D), but on the other hand, I start to use texture o.O It is... pretty weird for me because I wonder everytime "Should I really put this texture? Doesn't it make the video look weird?" but I thought to give it a shot. And the hearts, well... It is a video about love, so why not a hearty texture? It's very light though since I didn't want everything to be pink and rose... Remember, not that girly ;D
I used an ellipse for the scenes that show Tidus and Yuna together, just to give it a more distant, wished feeling : ) And yeah, two sparkles in a video (not counting the intro ^.~), just because I felt it fit right : )
Honestly, what annoyed me the most was that
1. Vegas broke down every now and then, which was why I saved like after every single clip T.T
2. I couldn't pull of "The End" as I wanted to. I actually wanted that a quill (so a pen... but as a feather o.O is that right? :O) comes up and writes the words, like in these very old Hollywood movies. Didn't found a way though... Therefore, I interestingely found a new way to animate texts (after watching a tutorial, lol x'D)
So yeah. The video is going to be finished in a few minutes and I honestly don't have to say anything more on this video. I hope you enjoyed reading this entry, and if you do, please tell me in the comment section below : ) (Don't forget to comment on YouTube as well - I want more comments ;__; :'D)

Until next time!

Much Love, Ruska

Muhahaha, how did I knew? This video was done on Saturday - but hey, due to random glitches (and forgetting to put the song's name at the beginning (which now doesn't stay there longe enough ;__) I had to fix at some points and to render it once more. I'm a bit annoyed by the few mistakes/imperfections I found but... love's not perfect either, right? So I'll leave at this, and since I put my heart into this, I still think it is good : )
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So Foreign

Hey guys!

Yup, believe it or not, I actually try to keep up with my attempt to write a blog entry for each video (okay, it's only the 2nd, but still - I could've skipt it, right? ^_~)
Anyways, moving on to the video!
First of all: YER YER YER YER YER for a FULL video after... one year? Two? Basically, a loooong time :'D I actually I thought I would never get over this block, but I finally did and I can honestly say that I am really proud of how the video turned out. : )
I just noticed a tiny mistake: I forgot the dot behind the "T" of the title (E.T.) but seriously, one and a half hour rendering just to change that? No!
So basically, I got inspired to do this video quite a long time ago and I even uploaded a BETA of it (that really sucked, though :'D) and after a lot of you guys asked for it, I came to the conclusion that I should try to get over my massive block and just go on editing on it.
Unfortunately, I didn't manage to stick with RinoaxSquall only (not enough matching clips -.-*) so I decided to combine my Top 3 Final Fantasy heroines, and I still think that it was a good solution for my problem.
I think the song is very catchy, and the amazing voice by the amazing Alex Goot is simply... amazing : ) After I first heard it, I knew I had to edit with it, and usually, editing with a song I really like works best for me : ) (Only way to top it is to do the video for a close person - btw, just working on such a video right now, 4 minutes length :O wish me luck!)
I think there's not much to say about the video itself. I simply followed the lyrics, enhanced the colors of the clips, added a texture and, of course, cut it according to the beat and lyrics. I hope the texture-thingy is okay, I wasn't sure about putting it over the video in the first place, but I turned to like it quite a lot : )
I made a lot of preview-copies on my computer for this video because I wanted to change little mistakes right away. However, I got this video nearly done a month ago, but there were some tiny mistakes in it and, although I promised myself to be quick with fixing them, it turned to take so long. But aaah, well, who cares? As long as it's finished, right? : )
So I hope you guys enjoyed this short (yet for YouTube too long ;D) entry. If you like this change, please tell me either here or on YouTube (would appreciate comments and likes on YouTube a lot :3).

Hopefully, I'm going to do more editing in the future : )
Until next time!

Much Love, Ruska
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RFS MEP Part 8

Hey guys!

I know that making an entry on this tiny little part seems a bit... overdoing but I guessed that if I don't start today, then probably never.
Anyways. At this very moment, the video's actually still rendering (the 2nd time) but since it's so short, it won't take more than ten minutes I guess, so I'll write this tiny entry now ; )
I can proudly announce that I, RuskaSky, am now an official member of the Radiant Fantasy Studio, founded on YouTube. All of us are addicted to Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts or any other game and that's why we came together - to edit videos with our most favorite video game!
I, however, am member of this studio since a little while only. The leader, strangedaysfan, asked me if I'd like to join, due to the inactivity of some of the members and I am very happy he did : ) At the moment, this is the most active studio out of the three I'm in, so I'm really excited about this first MEP! If you're interested in our future projects, go check out this link below: And if you like to know more about the members and other interesting infos, check out this page:

Anyways. Talking about this video: I know I kinda sucked. I could've done a lot more exciting things in this little part, but you know what? I am happy with it because this is what I felt the music is like. At the party when he sings "dry", the clip with Squall doesn't fit, I know, but I honestly couldn't find any better fitting part ;__;
In this part, it's all about Squinoa love :3 Basically, Squall looks at this beautiful girl and from the first moment, he falls in love with her. Then everything turns blurry, like in a dream, but at the end, when Rinoa comes to his arms, her realizes he wasn't dreaming, but really dancing with her.

Ok, I know, not that much of an exciting story, neither that much of exciting effects. But sometimes, less is more, right? Right?! Ahh, whatever. I am happy with it : ) All I hope is that my members understand it :O Usually, I don't like taking instrumental parts because I never know what to do. But this time I was like "Hey - why not?". Well, these happy feelings might go away as soon as I see the other members parts : D

Going to end this entry here. In the info bar of the video, I'll link the finished MEP once it's done : )
Until next time : )

Much Love, Ruska
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Saturday 16th ~ Chilling

Good evening :3

I dunno how about you, but here, it's 23:44 o'clock and thus, it means it's time to sit back, chill and relax, am I right? : )
To celebrate the chilly-ness, I even treated my face with an oatmeal-yoghurt-mask, so no wonder my skin glows now :D (yes, I'm watching a looot of BubzBeauty ;D) Was quite a pain hard thing to do though since
1. I do not like yoghurt (it smells and tastes weird :/)
2. I intended to write this entry while letting it dry but realized too late that I can't without my glassess.. -.-*
3. I didn't dare to go downstairs and run the risk to meet my mum.
"Why are you afraid of letting your mum see it?" you might wonder now. Like mentioned in my other entry, I'm usually not that girly. It's actually since May the 29th of 2010 when I started to get in contact with things as make-up, mask and such. The process is very slow though since I'm always a bit skeptical when it comes to changing my former attitude towards make-up.
However - my mum's nice, but she also always says what she thinks - and in my case, she would laugh at me ;__; So I'm trying to move on slowly and see if it works for me : ) So far, likey, except for the smell ;D
Why May the 29th of 2010 you might wonder now as well? This was one, if not the best day of my life so far. That special night, I got together with my boyfriend and I can just say over and over again that he's AWESOME! He's more I could've ever wished or asked for and I am truly in love with him. ♥

Now, I'm lost. Where was I again? -thinks-
Ah, right! Since this is a diary entry, I should tell you something about things that have happened. Let's see..

Not long ago, I had a.. er, "fight" is not the right word for it... I had an argument with my mother, kind of. Simply said, there had been a rough time behind us lately and unpleasant events, both inevitable and evitable, have happened and the situation here at home was really uncomfortable and I did not want to go home whenever I was at a friends house. I had to cry a lot and suffered mentally from the situation.
It was so bad, that a few days ago, I told her I want to move out. I am only 17 and there are two years of school left to go, but I just couldn't stand it anymore. But our conversation yesterday worked out well and she now realizes her mistakes and we agreed on waiting now and see if the situation here cools down. So please, wish me the best of luck : )

However, moving on! I don't know how far I should go back in time, but I think that one week should do it (I also tend to forget what happened when/which day, especially now when we got summer holidays ! Aww, I love them♥ ... -drifts away-
Anyways! On saturday, there was a "couple-evening" and it was a ton of fun! I was there with my boyfriend, three other couples and two single ladies ^_~ We saw.. was the film called Spaceballs ? I guess so. And later on, all watched two horror movies except for Sina and me 'cause we were slightly afraid, so we had a long walk around the city and went to McDonalds to eat chips *__*
From sunday to tuesday, I was at my boyfriends. We had a veeery long walk on monday around the city he lives in and ate icecream! He had a caramelcup and I one with strawberries . It was sooo tasty nom nom nom . Then I stayed at home for tuesday and wednesday, just to visit my boyfriend (his name's Henry btw : )) on thursday again and to go on a birthday party with him. It was a bit boring in the beginning, but in the end, it was a lot of fun. There were two girls from Canada and I dared to talk to them and I am so proud I could talk fluently ^_~
Unfortunately, Henry and I had to get up at 9am (we got to sleep at 2am!) so I was pretty exhausted - not to mention that horrible fly -.-* I tend to wake up often during night and to fall asleep quickly. However, that night, when I woke up at 8am (night?! morning :D), there was a fly and it always landed on my ears or, even worse, directly to my face . It basically looked at me and flew right against my face D: Worse fly I've ever met ;__;
Moving on! Henry came with me to my hometown (so scary! we took the bus and he always knew when the bus driver was about to turn left or right or hold, and he drove with the back to the engine :O) to take the train to his grandparents. Was so sad to see him go -sniffs- ;__;
I thought that friday was going to be no fun and boring, especially since I was super-tired! But then, half past ten, AJ and Lukas asked Kelly and me if we'd like to hang out with them. I had to ask our guest mums and her husbands friend if he could take me to the city nearby so I could first visit Kelly and then join AJ and Lukas, what he luckily did- pretty cool this guy ^_^. But it turned out AJ and Lukas didn't know what to do and hoped we did, but since I don't have that much money at the moment and Kelly wasn't in the right mood for clubbing and spending lots of money, we part two hours later, after we ate at McDonalds! (You must think I'm a greedy pig, huh? Well... I AM :3)
So, Kelly and I "just" talked and had a fun night and half of today. Woah, wait, you don't know who Kelly is so far, right? I gotta change that!

(the picture's over a year old, just so you know! : p)
She's very cool and awesome, I love her :] She's my Ketchup and I'm her Dressing and together, we are Ketchup vs Dressing ! -looks proud- She's also my only friend on here so far, Runkelstilzchen

Gosh, this entry is quite long so I'm going to end it here. But, last but not least, two pictures I made a few moments ago! I just have to!

My yummy toasts with salami and cheese and salad! Ate one with cheese though before, my netbook was too slow and I was sooo hungry - I'm sorry ;__; (excuse the bad lighting, but I live in the cellar so no good lighty)

Yup, that's me. My E-Cam is pretty cool, huh? x'D And, last but not least:

Chibis a friend of mine made for me - Henry and I. It's so cute *___* ♥ She's amazing at such things!

Now, all that's left to say is nighty-night I guess : ) My back's already hurting as well as my eyes, but I promise to update often, really!
I hope you enjoyed reading this entry - I hope you managed to read all this boring stuff! O.O
Until next time!

Much love, Ruska

P.S. I actually added colored texts from time to time and it did show up in the preview, but not on my blog :O I'll try to find out why, I'm sorry :/

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This is me! :)

Hey guys!

I can't believe I actually made my own blog - but yesterday, out of nowhere, I had the sudden urge to do so and usually, being spontaneous works out great ^_~

Soo... Maybe I should tell you something about me before I start: My name is Alina, I am a 17 year old girl from Germany and I love to write! Reading and writing are my passions ever since I can remember. My grandfather showed me the amazing world of books and there's nothing I enjoy as much as reading a really good book : )

I'm also interested in languages and I turned to like the English language more than my own one, so that's why I'm writing this blog in English. I have to apologize it's a German site though, the English ones I found were weird confusing.. :/

In case you're wondering how I came to my "stagename" RuskaSky: There was this really adorable video on YouTube about Yuna and Aerith (did I mentioned I'm OBSESSED with Final Fantasy as well? :D) and its title was "Ruska", which means pretty much like "autumn colors" in Finish (that's also why my background looks like so :3). If you're interested in checking this video out, here it is:
(sorry I did not link it as a video - ScrewYouTube doesn't find it ;__; )

So yeah.. I'm quite a noob, actually; I spend most of my time playing Final Fantasy (currently IX - I've played it like 3 or 4 times now :D) or reading books or doing some writing. Not to forget I got a wonderful boyfriend who I visit frequently and my good friends : )

In case you're interested in reading my fanfictions about Final Fantasy, check out the link at the right box and there you go :3 (same for my Final Fantasy music videos : ))

I should also tell you that I'm not as girlie as some people may think - I actually don't like the color Pink very much, I think that horses are ugly, I never did ballett and I'm also not a big fan of the Twilight movies (the books were really good, but the actors are a real disappointment -.-*). So, don't wonder if I don't write too girly stuff ; )

Basically, this blog will be about three different type of things!
- about my daily weekly life in irregular distances
- reviews/notes on my own fanfictions or videos
- random stuff which I can't classify (like this entry)

So, in case you like my fanfictions, my videos or just to know more about myself, feel free to visit this site as much as you like : )

You can also contact me via e-mail, which you can find on my "About". I would also recommend to follow me on Twitter since I'm going to announce new entries, chapters or videos there as well : )

I'm going to skip this "instruction" for now : ) Later this day, I may write a diary entry, so stay tuned!

Much Love, Ruska : )

P.S. Oh! I nearly forgot to mention that I'm also a huuuge fan of BubzBeauty : ) I love her videos and her personality, so don't be surprised if I'll talk about her and her videos ; ) I think she's very inspirational and I wish I could be like her.

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