It's much too late for now to feel like yesterday

Saturday 16th ~ Chilling

Good evening :3

I dunno how about you, but here, it's 23:44 o'clock and thus, it means it's time to sit back, chill and relax, am I right? : )
To celebrate the chilly-ness, I even treated my face with an oatmeal-yoghurt-mask, so no wonder my skin glows now :D (yes, I'm watching a looot of BubzBeauty ;D) Was quite a pain hard thing to do though since
1. I do not like yoghurt (it smells and tastes weird :/)
2. I intended to write this entry while letting it dry but realized too late that I can't without my glassess.. -.-*
3. I didn't dare to go downstairs and run the risk to meet my mum.
"Why are you afraid of letting your mum see it?" you might wonder now. Like mentioned in my other entry, I'm usually not that girly. It's actually since May the 29th of 2010 when I started to get in contact with things as make-up, mask and such. The process is very slow though since I'm always a bit skeptical when it comes to changing my former attitude towards make-up.
However - my mum's nice, but she also always says what she thinks - and in my case, she would laugh at me ;__; So I'm trying to move on slowly and see if it works for me : ) So far, likey, except for the smell ;D
Why May the 29th of 2010 you might wonder now as well? This was one, if not the best day of my life so far. That special night, I got together with my boyfriend and I can just say over and over again that he's AWESOME! He's more I could've ever wished or asked for and I am truly in love with him. ♥

Now, I'm lost. Where was I again? -thinks-
Ah, right! Since this is a diary entry, I should tell you something about things that have happened. Let's see..

Not long ago, I had a.. er, "fight" is not the right word for it... I had an argument with my mother, kind of. Simply said, there had been a rough time behind us lately and unpleasant events, both inevitable and evitable, have happened and the situation here at home was really uncomfortable and I did not want to go home whenever I was at a friends house. I had to cry a lot and suffered mentally from the situation.
It was so bad, that a few days ago, I told her I want to move out. I am only 17 and there are two years of school left to go, but I just couldn't stand it anymore. But our conversation yesterday worked out well and she now realizes her mistakes and we agreed on waiting now and see if the situation here cools down. So please, wish me the best of luck : )

However, moving on! I don't know how far I should go back in time, but I think that one week should do it (I also tend to forget what happened when/which day, especially now when we got summer holidays ! Aww, I love them♥ ... -drifts away-
Anyways! On saturday, there was a "couple-evening" and it was a ton of fun! I was there with my boyfriend, three other couples and two single ladies ^_~ We saw.. was the film called Spaceballs ? I guess so. And later on, all watched two horror movies except for Sina and me 'cause we were slightly afraid, so we had a long walk around the city and went to McDonalds to eat chips *__*
From sunday to tuesday, I was at my boyfriends. We had a veeery long walk on monday around the city he lives in and ate icecream! He had a caramelcup and I one with strawberries . It was sooo tasty nom nom nom . Then I stayed at home for tuesday and wednesday, just to visit my boyfriend (his name's Henry btw : )) on thursday again and to go on a birthday party with him. It was a bit boring in the beginning, but in the end, it was a lot of fun. There were two girls from Canada and I dared to talk to them and I am so proud I could talk fluently ^_~
Unfortunately, Henry and I had to get up at 9am (we got to sleep at 2am!) so I was pretty exhausted - not to mention that horrible fly -.-* I tend to wake up often during night and to fall asleep quickly. However, that night, when I woke up at 8am (night?! morning :D), there was a fly and it always landed on my ears or, even worse, directly to my face . It basically looked at me and flew right against my face D: Worse fly I've ever met ;__;
Moving on! Henry came with me to my hometown (so scary! we took the bus and he always knew when the bus driver was about to turn left or right or hold, and he drove with the back to the engine :O) to take the train to his grandparents. Was so sad to see him go -sniffs- ;__;
I thought that friday was going to be no fun and boring, especially since I was super-tired! But then, half past ten, AJ and Lukas asked Kelly and me if we'd like to hang out with them. I had to ask our guest mums and her husbands friend if he could take me to the city nearby so I could first visit Kelly and then join AJ and Lukas, what he luckily did- pretty cool this guy ^_^. But it turned out AJ and Lukas didn't know what to do and hoped we did, but since I don't have that much money at the moment and Kelly wasn't in the right mood for clubbing and spending lots of money, we part two hours later, after we ate at McDonalds! (You must think I'm a greedy pig, huh? Well... I AM :3)
So, Kelly and I "just" talked and had a fun night and half of today. Woah, wait, you don't know who Kelly is so far, right? I gotta change that!

(the picture's over a year old, just so you know! : p)
She's very cool and awesome, I love her :] She's my Ketchup and I'm her Dressing and together, we are Ketchup vs Dressing ! -looks proud- She's also my only friend on here so far, Runkelstilzchen

Gosh, this entry is quite long so I'm going to end it here. But, last but not least, two pictures I made a few moments ago! I just have to!

My yummy toasts with salami and cheese and salad! Ate one with cheese though before, my netbook was too slow and I was sooo hungry - I'm sorry ;__; (excuse the bad lighting, but I live in the cellar so no good lighty)

Yup, that's me. My E-Cam is pretty cool, huh? x'D And, last but not least:

Chibis a friend of mine made for me - Henry and I. It's so cute *___* ♥ She's amazing at such things!

Now, all that's left to say is nighty-night I guess : ) My back's already hurting as well as my eyes, but I promise to update often, really!
I hope you enjoyed reading this entry - I hope you managed to read all this boring stuff! O.O
Until next time!

Much love, Ruska

P.S. I actually added colored texts from time to time and it did show up in the preview, but not on my blog :O I'll try to find out why, I'm sorry :/

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