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RFS MEP Part 8

Hey guys!

I know that making an entry on this tiny little part seems a bit... overdoing but I guessed that if I don't start today, then probably never.
Anyways. At this very moment, the video's actually still rendering (the 2nd time) but since it's so short, it won't take more than ten minutes I guess, so I'll write this tiny entry now ; )
I can proudly announce that I, RuskaSky, am now an official member of the Radiant Fantasy Studio, founded on YouTube. All of us are addicted to Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts or any other game and that's why we came together - to edit videos with our most favorite video game!
I, however, am member of this studio since a little while only. The leader, strangedaysfan, asked me if I'd like to join, due to the inactivity of some of the members and I am very happy he did : ) At the moment, this is the most active studio out of the three I'm in, so I'm really excited about this first MEP! If you're interested in our future projects, go check out this link below: And if you like to know more about the members and other interesting infos, check out this page:

Anyways. Talking about this video: I know I kinda sucked. I could've done a lot more exciting things in this little part, but you know what? I am happy with it because this is what I felt the music is like. At the party when he sings "dry", the clip with Squall doesn't fit, I know, but I honestly couldn't find any better fitting part ;__;
In this part, it's all about Squinoa love :3 Basically, Squall looks at this beautiful girl and from the first moment, he falls in love with her. Then everything turns blurry, like in a dream, but at the end, when Rinoa comes to his arms, her realizes he wasn't dreaming, but really dancing with her.

Ok, I know, not that much of an exciting story, neither that much of exciting effects. But sometimes, less is more, right? Right?! Ahh, whatever. I am happy with it : ) All I hope is that my members understand it :O Usually, I don't like taking instrumental parts because I never know what to do. But this time I was like "Hey - why not?". Well, these happy feelings might go away as soon as I see the other members parts : D

Going to end this entry here. In the info bar of the video, I'll link the finished MEP once it's done : )
Until next time : )

Much Love, Ruska
28.7.11 21:10


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