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Hey guys!

Yup, believe it or not, I actually try to keep up with my attempt to write a blog entry for each video (okay, it's only the 2nd, but still - I could've skipt it, right? ^_~)
Anyways, moving on to the video!
First of all: YER YER YER YER YER for a FULL video after... one year? Two? Basically, a loooong time :'D I actually I thought I would never get over this block, but I finally did and I can honestly say that I am really proud of how the video turned out. : )
I just noticed a tiny mistake: I forgot the dot behind the "T" of the title (E.T.) but seriously, one and a half hour rendering just to change that? No!
So basically, I got inspired to do this video quite a long time ago and I even uploaded a BETA of it (that really sucked, though :'D) and after a lot of you guys asked for it, I came to the conclusion that I should try to get over my massive block and just go on editing on it.
Unfortunately, I didn't manage to stick with RinoaxSquall only (not enough matching clips -.-*) so I decided to combine my Top 3 Final Fantasy heroines, and I still think that it was a good solution for my problem.
I think the song is very catchy, and the amazing voice by the amazing Alex Goot is simply... amazing : ) After I first heard it, I knew I had to edit with it, and usually, editing with a song I really like works best for me : ) (Only way to top it is to do the video for a close person - btw, just working on such a video right now, 4 minutes length :O wish me luck!)
I think there's not much to say about the video itself. I simply followed the lyrics, enhanced the colors of the clips, added a texture and, of course, cut it according to the beat and lyrics. I hope the texture-thingy is okay, I wasn't sure about putting it over the video in the first place, but I turned to like it quite a lot : )
I made a lot of preview-copies on my computer for this video because I wanted to change little mistakes right away. However, I got this video nearly done a month ago, but there were some tiny mistakes in it and, although I promised myself to be quick with fixing them, it turned to take so long. But aaah, well, who cares? As long as it's finished, right? : )
So I hope you guys enjoyed this short (yet for YouTube too long ;D) entry. If you like this change, please tell me either here or on YouTube (would appreciate comments and likes on YouTube a lot :3).

Hopefully, I'm going to do more editing in the future : )
Until next time!

Much Love, Ruska
6.8.11 00:39


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