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Pinky Promise

Hey guys!

Woooaah, can you believe it? Two full videos within these few days? Holy crap, but this song was just soo beautiful (plus, not that hard to edit with to be honest :/) and being motivated to dedicate this to my boyfriend, I couldn't stop editing on it today :'D I started this project on thursday evening but only made the little intro thingy, then on friday, I made just a little further so I ended up having about 20% percent of the video done. And today, I started on 1pm I guess and I JUST COULDN'T STOP! I first wanted to make roughly 20% again as a goal so it wouldn't take forever for this one, but once I got this additional 20%, I was so much into editing, the song and my love that I couldn't stop. Hehehe. But no big hopes guys, there is no song yet that is as addicting and touching as this, so I guess not that much of full videos in the near future. But hey, two in two days should be quite awesome, right? Right?!
Actually, I'm writing it while it's rendering (already 1:45h and still needs 15 mins or so >.<) so it's possible I have to render it once again if I find any mistakes (which I eventually will - I mean, 4minutes without any mistakes at the first try? No way!) but still, since it's taking that much time, I though about writing the entry now.

So yeah, this is dedicated to my boyfriend. ♥ It's not like we would live very far apart, but for me, every single second counts, and thus, having not seen him since tuesday, I'm missing him a lot (get to see him on tuesday though possibly - just on a side note x'D) and this is actually what came out.
It could be that the first half doesn't make much sense - I just followed the lyrics and my hearts. However, after the first chorus, I somehow followed kind of a story, which basically is: Yuna and Tidus are separated and Yuna, in her sorrow, sings about how much she misses him. At the end of the video, they finally can see each other again and will stay together until forever. The End.
Okay... Maybe not that much of a story, but still - I didn't want to ruin my feelings with an up-made story.
Now, to come to the clips, effects, etc...
The coloring is as always (somehow, I come to like it x'D), but on the other hand, I start to use texture o.O It is... pretty weird for me because I wonder everytime "Should I really put this texture? Doesn't it make the video look weird?" but I thought to give it a shot. And the hearts, well... It is a video about love, so why not a hearty texture? It's very light though since I didn't want everything to be pink and rose... Remember, not that girly ;D
I used an ellipse for the scenes that show Tidus and Yuna together, just to give it a more distant, wished feeling : ) And yeah, two sparkles in a video (not counting the intro ^.~), just because I felt it fit right : )
Honestly, what annoyed me the most was that
1. Vegas broke down every now and then, which was why I saved like after every single clip T.T
2. I couldn't pull of "The End" as I wanted to. I actually wanted that a quill (so a pen... but as a feather o.O is that right? :O) comes up and writes the words, like in these very old Hollywood movies. Didn't found a way though... Therefore, I interestingely found a new way to animate texts (after watching a tutorial, lol x'D)
So yeah. The video is going to be finished in a few minutes and I honestly don't have to say anything more on this video. I hope you enjoyed reading this entry, and if you do, please tell me in the comment section below : ) (Don't forget to comment on YouTube as well - I want more comments ;__; :'D)

Until next time!

Much Love, Ruska

Muhahaha, how did I knew? This video was done on Saturday - but hey, due to random glitches (and forgetting to put the song's name at the beginning (which now doesn't stay there longe enough ;__) I had to fix at some points and to render it once more. I'm a bit annoyed by the few mistakes/imperfections I found but... love's not perfect either, right? So I'll leave at this, and since I put my heart into this, I still think it is good : )
8.8.11 17:00


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