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TTAHP Chapter 3 ~ Dagger

Hey guys!

I know, it's been AGES since my last update - I'm sorry -sniffs- But HEY, I'm back and that's something we should be happy about, right?
So yeah. It wasn't like I've been blocked on this fanfiction or chapter... It was more that I simply "ignored" the storyline I usually wanted to create and thus, I spend loads and loads of time thinking how to fix this and how to get back on my former idea. But today, I made my mind up and came to a good solution, that's why I finally managed and dared to upload this chapter.
I don't want to sound like a show-off, but I seriously think I did a good job on this chapter. I tried to keep it close to the Final Fantasy IX reality, tried to give Dagger more of her innocence (and she lost a lot due to being prostitute) but I think that the second half of the chapter (or last third, lol) actually pulls her character, as well as Zidane's, off in a good way. Originally, I wanted to cut the chapter when Baku says he fears they're in big trouble, but somehow, I didn't want to (I basically find it hard to get good ideas for new chapter titles) and since the after events still represent Dagger good, I decided to keep that part under the title "Dagger" as well.
So yeah, what else can I say about this chapter? I had a lot of fun writing this (I'm going to take a break for today though and play FFIX instead ;D) and I tried a lot in making the athmosphere more real. Do you think I did good at this? I hope so : ) I also tried to throw in several hints / opportunities in this chapter that can and WILL influence the further chapters, so be aware ; )
Many thanks to two good friensd of mine: Kendrew and Sina, who coincidentally reminded me at the same time to get some writing done - without them, I wouldn't be uploading right now.
Anyways, I hope you enjoy this slightly more detailed insight in my chapter and I shall speak to you soon!

Much Love, Ruska

P.S. Please don't forget to tell me if you like this idea with using my blog as a place to write the "author's note", and also, please give reviews on since I eally appreciate them! : )
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Alex / Website (7.8.11 22:56)
For the blog thing...I think this site IS a pretty cool idea! I don't know of anyone else whom does this for something like that, so it's a nice touch! As long as I remember to come here, I'm good! lol.

But, as for issues with chapter title ideas, you could do what I do. I usually write out the chapter and THEN, based on what it mainly revolves around, I determine the title. Granted, it may still take a while, but I find it easier to base the title on the chapter rather than the chapter on the title. But, that's just me. I guess I can't speak for you.

Figured I'd throw the idea out there though.=)

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