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TTAHP Chapter 4 ~ A rough escape - I -

Hey guys!

I know, it's been ages since my last update - I am sorry! I actually had this chapter ready more than a month ago, but then, I accidentally DELETED it >.< gosh - it's soo exhausting to write a chapter completely anew - especially if you were so happy with the chapter in the first place.
Well, however - I know finally managed it! This chapter is a very essential one and trust me: I am trying really hard to make it more authentic. Luckily, I'm playing Final Fantasy atm anyway, thus I am into it ^_~
Anyway, in this chapter, I especially tried to point out a bit more of Zidane's personality and also to include more realistic actions from the characters. I'm pretty sure there are grammar mistakes in it as always - so please tell me if you find any and I can correct them! But I expect my style has improved..?
About the content: We finally reached a stage in which I can transform my "Dark Princess" into the Dagger from the game - some of you told me she was creepy in the first chapters and yes, I know that! But I wanted to spice things up a bit and giving the princess a more hurt feel.
I also tried to give some "hints" concerning the further chapters (and those of you who played FFIX already might figure most of them out) so keep in mind that in every chapter, there are essential informations - otherwise I wouldn't have the need to write them ;D
I honestly don't have to say much atm - I guess most of my chapters are going to be quite self-explanatory. ^_~
As always, please review my chapters, share them and simply help me being a "big deal" ;D

Much Love, Ruska

P.S. Yes, I know, this chapter is called "A rough escape - I -" - for my next chapter, the title is as well suitable and I just though making things easier for me this way.
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